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Past Field Trips

PENARTH   |  14th Oct 2023 | Led by Stephen Howe

Strata on the Penarth coast

This was a chance to view a spectacular complete sequence from the Upper Triassic to the Lower Jurassic walking along the beach from Penarth to Lavernock Point. The rocks tell of an interesting time when a desert environment was flooded by the sea and accordingly this coast is a Site of Special Scientific interest. Highlights were bright bands of pink and white gypsum, possible dinosaur footprints on the beach, the fossiliferous Blue Lias rocks at Lavernock Point and the rapidly eroding cliffs. Stephen Howe was our hugely knowledgeable expert guide.

THE DOWARDS   |  16th Sept 2023 | Led by Jim Handley

Lord's Wood Quarry, The Dowards

Separated from the Forest of Dean by a deep gorge incised by the River Wye, The Dowards comprises a Carboniferous Limestone Series overlaying Devonian Upper Old Red Sandstone.  Both the geology and the views are spectacular.  We started in Lord’s Wood quarry where the interesting stratigraphy of the Llanelly Formation – including stromatolite and breccia layers – succeeds Gully Oolite (see https://deeptime.voyage/resources/lordswood/ for a detailed case study including drone footage).  We were expertly guided by EHT Champion Jim Handley past a viewpoint, to learn how the Wye cut through the hard rock due to sea level change, to the base of the gorge and up past outcrops of the 6 rock series making up Little Doward, to a limestone pavement made up of a reef of colonial corals.  The trip finished with a visit to King Arthur’s cave showing the effect of water erosion 200m above the current river level.

SOUTHERN MALVERN HILLS   |  1st Sept 2023 | Led by Peter Bridges

Group on top of Swinyard Hill

This was a fascinating trip, visiting some of the best places to see where Precambrian Malvern Complex rock was overlain by younger rocks of the Cambrian and Silurian Periods and subsequently uplifted into a monocline.  We also visited the “Silurian Gap” on the ridge at the north end of Swinyard Hill, where Silurian bedrock lies over the top of the ridge and has been found on the eastern flank of the hill.

SOUTH EAST ALPS   |  JUNE 2019  |  Led by Prof. Donny Hutton

Field trip Alps SW France

BUDE CORNWALL  |   JUNE 2018  |  Led by Prof. Donny Hutton

Boscastle field trip summer 2018