John Nicklin’s Fault

A magnificent oak bench and information panel, in memory of John Nicklin, was installed beside the Worcestershire Way above Martley Rock, on December 18th.

Installation by the Path-or-Nones assisted by John’s family, friends and members of TVGS.

The inscription on the bench relates to it’s location over the East Malvern Fault. This major fault passes from the left (south) side of the Martley Rock trench, under the field and onward below the bench. The presence of the fault here was proven by one of the trences dug to reveal the geology. John was a key person instigating the project to get trenches dug in the field between the Worcestershire Way and the Martley Rock geosite, where one of the trenches remains open.  Fault revealed.

Martley Rock tidy-up

Mid-December, Mike Install and a small group of TVGS folk braved the elements to give Martley Rock site a bit of a face lift ahead of the installation of John’s Bench, which overlooks the site. In squelchy mud, piles of leaves were removed from tbe floor of the trench, hard rock faces brushed off, steps cleaned, grass and weeds cut. The very wet softer material in the trench walls will be given another gentle clean when it becomes drier.

TVGS & EHT Stand at Geologists’ Association Festival   |  4th Nov 2023

Strata on the Penarth coast

Teme Valley Geological Society and the Earth Heritage Trust Deep Time Apps shared a stand at the Geologists’ Association Festival on the 4th November 2023.  This was an excellent geological jamboree and generated a lot of interest, especially the TVGS Rock Boxes which show samples from the Martley Rocks trench spanning  “400 million years in 40 metres“.  The image below shows how the Deep Time apps can use Augmented Reality to display prehistoric creatures on a smartphone screen.