Teme Valley Geological Society

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  • Based in the Worcestershire village of Martley in the UK.
  • As a GeoVillage it is one of several villages across Europe which have outstanding geology.
  • Hold regular talks delivered by leading geologists.
  • Organise field trips from summer evening rambles to foreign field trips.
  • Research, conserve and promote local geology sites.
  • Engage in projects to carry out research on local geology and landforms.
  • Run courses in rocks, minerals, fossils and all things rock related.

Next talk 22nd April 7:30pm

The geology of a Victorian health resort

Tim Carter

The study of geological understanding, and associated controversies, in the Malverns provide a a microcosm of the development of wider geological knowledge during the nineteenth century. This is enriched both by the characters of the people involved and by the way in which rocks and fossils became a part of the “Malvern experience’ for visitors. My talk is based on a field weekend I organised for the national History of Geology Group in 2022 and the handbook for participants.

This will be the last talk of the 2023-24 season and it replaces the previously advertised talk by Chris Darmon.


Rock of the Month | Tim Carter   –  video of presentation below

Plesiosaur vertebrae from Triassic Westbury Formation near Highnam Woods Gloucestershure

Video of Ian’s talk “Scotland’s Greatest Ice Age”